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Breast cancer is unfortunately a common problem affecting one in eight women. Dr. Willcox dedicates the majority of his reconstructive practice to breast cancer survivors. He works with many breast cancer surgeons in the Puget Sound offering breast reconstruction to patients in Tacoma, Federal Way, Lakewood, Gig Harbor, Olympia and surrounding areas. Dr. Willcox keeps emergency open time in his clinic to assure that newly diagnosed breast cancer patients can come and see him without delay. When you come see Dr. Willcox, his staff will make you feel comfortable and he will spend all the time it takes to review the different techniques of breast reconstruction. He will assess your medical history and your anatomy to determine the best procedure for your individualized needs.

Dr. Willcox will explain to you and your family that breast reconstruction can be performed in a variety of ways depending on your medical history and your anatomy. The most common technique is to use tissue expanders and implants, but some patients are not candidates for this and require the use of skin and soft tissues from other parts of their body to make a new breast. This is commonly referred to as “flap surgery”. The best procedure for you is based on your overall health, previous medical history, type of breast cancer, anatomy and your specific desires.

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Breast Reconstruction

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