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Skin Medica®, an Allergen® company, offers regenerative and protective formulations based on years of research into the skin's own healing powers. Product lines perform the full range of skincare needs.

Cleanse. Daily cleansing system thoroughly removes makeup, dirt and environmental pollutants that irritate and damage skin, promoting full absorption of other treatments. Products include Purifying Foaming Wash, Skin Polisher, Facial Cleanser and Sensitive Skin Cleanser.

Tone. Gently refine and tone skin with pH-balanced formulations designed maintain natural oils within skin layers. Products include Rejuvenative Toner and Purifying Toner.

Brighten. Advanced brightening formulations address hyperpigmentations such as age spots, melisma and other discolorations. Products include AHA/BHA Cream, Lytera® Skin Brightening Complex & System.

Rejuvenate. Serums are formulated from antioxidants, soluble collagen, cytokins, matrix proteins and a patented mixture of naturally occurring growth factors to rejuvenate skin. Products include TNS Essential Serum® and TNS Recovery Complex®.

Protect. Triple Sun Protection Formula shields skin against aging, cancer-causing UV rays, as well as pollutants and other damaging environmental factors. The first layer provides a physical barrier, limiting UVA/UVB rays from penetrating skin surface. The second layer chemically absorbs any rays that get below skin surface. The third layer of potent antioxidants protects against free-radical damage. Products include Environmental Defense™ SPF 50+ Sunscreen and Daily Physical Defense™ SPF 30+ Sunscreen.

Defend. Anti-aging treatments deliver vital nutrients to face, eyes and lips to repair damage from sun and environmental exposure, and defend against additional damage. Products include Vitamin C+E Complex, Tri-Retinol Complex™, Tri-Retinol Complex ES™, Hydrating Complex, TNS Line Refine®, Restorative Ointment, Uplifting Eye Serum, TNS Illuminating Eye Cream®, TNS Eye Repair™, TNS Lip Plump System, TNS Regeneration System and Post-Procedure System.

Moisturize. Each treatment is specially formulated to provide the specific moisture level to meet your particular needs and skin type, properly rehydrating skin and revitalizing tone and texture. Products include Ultra Sheer Moisturizer, TNS Ultimate Daily Moisturizer™ SPF 20 Sunscreen, Dermal Repair Cream and Rejuvenative Moisturizer.

Treat specific needs. Skin Medica offers acne treatments using therapeutic antiseptics to destroy bacteria, cleanse pores and prevent breakouts on acne-prone skin. Products include Acne Treatment Lotion and Acne System. Reduce visible redness with Redness Relief CalmPlex™. Treat new scars with Scar Recovery Gel with Centelline™, a first-of-its-kind formulation that's clinically proven to reduce fresh scaring.